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Is it better to get a 160gb ps3 or spend the extra money for a 320gb console?



  1. There is no difference between both versions except Hard Drive Capacity.you should buy 160GB version.Its cheaper.

  2. I bought the 320 because there was only 50 euros difference with the 160 gb and inFamous 2 came with it, but friends told me that if you’re only gonna play games and not gonna download a lot of stuff, 160 gb should be enough.

    Personally, I’d rather be safe than sorry myself, but I don’t know if you would save a lot of money with the 160 gb console there.

  3. Well idk how many gigs my ps3 has but i have an ipod with only 8 gigs n i have SO many things on it and i barley even put a dent in the memory so 160 should b enough

  4. I have a 160gb and it’s plenty. Unless you’re planning on downloading alot of extras like themes, pictures, DLC etc. Then save some money and just get the 160 gb.

  5. i actually have a 120 gig, im still using it, still works great no problems at all. And still have alot of space.

  6. The 160g. Because you can upgrade it at any time for less than the console upgrade.

    I upgraded my 1sr gen 60g up to a 500g for $45.

    Ps3 doesn’t use a special ps3 hdd, it uses universial sata laptop hdd.

    I just got a cheap laptop hdd off amazon and used that one.

    Note that the old hdd will be wiped during the upgrade process so back up your saved games first.

    Byt honestly,160 is plenty of space.

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