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is it bad to turn off your ps3 without putting it on stand by first?


I bought my ps3 last thursaday, and I use to turn it off using the switch on the back but without putting it on stand by first. just happened to read the menu today and realized that first u put it on stand by and then u can turn it off!

is bad if i turn off the wrong way for a few days? is my ps3 going to be damaged?

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  1. You really shouldn’t need to turn it off at all. Stand by should be suitable for your everyday turn off.

    Anyway. Most hard drives today are resistant to sudden stops and really don’t die because of a sudden stop. It can probably still cause currupt data and stuff but the only real killer of hard drives now a days is heat.

    Anyway there are other things that could go wrong with just a sudden stop of the system. When you push the power button on your Playstation3 to turn it off it goes through a number of shut down procedures like disconnecting/logging off the interenet properly, and spinning down the hard drive and CD Rom drive to avoid damage. It also is made to protect you from turning you playstation 3 off during a update or something that could currupt the system and make it useless.

    So putting your system into stand by and then turning the power switch off in the back should work but turning it off from the back every once in a while shouldn’t hurt anything.

  2. I supposed the first few days its ok. So don’t worry

    but continue that practise will damage your ps3. or its hardisk anyway. U see the pS3 has its on hdd, and as all hdd. you must properly shutdown your system in the mentioned way to avoid the hdd from being corrupted (eg : give the hdd bad sectors)

    but don’t worry mate. the pS3 hardisk is supposed to be a part of the console the user can change their selves. so if you really did give you hdd bad sectors. you should suppose to be able to change it easily.

    Be carefull next time 🙂

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