Home Xbox Forum Is having my xbox 360 vertical a bad thing?

Is having my xbox 360 vertical a bad thing?


someone told me that it shrinks there life to just over a year which is hust after the original warranty runs owt is this true?

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  1. yea you can put it verticle, and if you are worried about heat then get the “intercooler” its a three fan contrapion that connects to the back of the x box to cool it more.

  2. Because of the Xbox 360’s early launch, the components are arranged inneficiently inside the machine, use a lot of electricity, and produce a lot of heat. Vertically, this is even worse. The console is marketed vertical, but the ventilation system was designed for it to be placed horizontally. As such, it is better to have it horizontal. Make sure you take out any discs in the machine before you move it, else they will get damaged.

    – Rob

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