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If you have a Playstation 3 and you want internet on it, do you HAVE to use a router?


I was trying to get Internet on my PS3 last night, and the signal strength on the home network got up to about 42%. Is that not enough? I did a test and on it and it said it would work, but I would have to get an update first. So, I did and it got stopped at about 22% and shut off. I was because it lost it’s signal. But I did all of this without a router, or wire, or anything. Just my ps3. So, if I want to get the complete Internet, do I need a router? Sorry if this is confusing.

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  1. You don’t have to have a router, you can just get an ethernet cable to plug to your PS3 to your PC. 42% percent is enough to go on the internet, and the reason why your update might have stopped downloading is because the computer was shut off, or there was an error with their internet. Hope I helped.

  2. You must already have a router if you can get a wireless signal. You might just be too far away from it and getting a poor signal.

    You will either have to get your playstation closer to the your existing router or get a wired connection, or install a second router or repeater.

  3. How are you on ur PC without a router? Anyway you should buy one because it will give you really good signal strength and faster internet.

    The neighbor thing is possible.

  4. If you don’t have a router, how was it connecting to the internet?

    The PS3 can use 2 different types of network connections – wireless and ethernet (wired). In general, you will connect to your local router using one of these methods, and from there, it connects to the internet. Using a router also allows you to share the internet connection with other devices without having to shuffle cables around.

    Most routers support wireless connections, and can be configured in various ways to support different levels of security. However it is possible to configure a router without any security, thus making it an “open” network. Unfortunately, most people use this setting, not realizing that this allows their neighbors to connect to their network. However, you shouldn’t do this, as it is considered against the law (form of trespassing) Also, as you found out, the quality of the connection isn’t very good, mainly due to the distance and number of walls between your PS3 and your neighbor’s router.

  5. 42% of wireless router strength is enough, I get 33% on both my laptop and ps3 in my room and our wifi router is downstairs and it dosent effect my internet speed. If its ur wireless router ur connected to then try to update again, sometimes internet connection does get disconnected. and no u dont need a router cause u connected to the internet wirelessly which is only possible in ur house by a wifi router source.

    if this internet connection is ur neighbours than u could still use it till they put a password code on it. if they do that ps3 will ask u to put in that code to connect.

  6. You already have a router if you were connected to it, how far away is the ps3 from your router?

    I have 100% signal strength and still have problems, and ive configured the router for the ps3. the best bet is to go wired. Of course, if you only have 40% signal, thats gonna be a long cord and probably on another floor in the house.

    To answer your other qeustion though, you do need a router or switch if you want to have the computers in your network and the ps3 online at the same time.

    What you can buy is a signal booster which will hopefully boost your signal, i havnt tried this before though so idk about it.

    Ok yes that makes sense if you are connecting to your neighbors. But if they dont have security on there you probably arent bothering them. The only problem with “sharing” is that you cannot setup the router yourself. If your ps3 was having network problems you would be configuring your router for it like some of us have to do 🙁

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