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If I’m in a store, how do I tell what ps3 games have online play?


I’m planning on buying a ps3, and I want to play online, but I don’t know how to tell if a game has online play, because it doesn’t say ‘Xbox Live’ or ‘Nintendo Wi-fi Connection’ like 360 and Wii on the front of the box. Would it say on the back? Please help me!

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  1. yeah thats the thing with playstation, they list the online capabilities on the back *like with ps2* it should say it on the bottom near the USRB rating

  2. It should say on the back of the box, but if you can’t find it just ask a shop assistant and I’m sure they’d help.

  3. on the back,

    theres a set of yellow boxes, for the main stats. (HDD, resoltion, offline players etc)

    if it has online paly it will have a blue box wiht a globe on stating “network paly”, and next to it a blue box wiht amount of players online.

    most gmaes are online, except stuff like RPG’s.

  4. its on the bottom left corner usually also if you want to know the max players in a game online it is next to how many players can play the game in parenthasies Ex. total players:2 (16 online) or just ask the employees of the store

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