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I want to buy my daughter a PSP or Xbox, I don’t know which one is better for her?


She is about 7 years old, smart and some how active. is this a good decision to buy her a computer game like these or not? and which one is better, due to her age?

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  1. PlayStation 3000. This is a nice machine, piano black and glossy. I just love that look. I also own a 1000. The new one has much faster load times and I have noticed much brighter colors and the screen is defiantly glare proof. Words cannot describe what you can get out of any of these products along with a PS3, but I will try. If you have a home network these systems can connect directly to your wireless router and your ps3. This might be techie or geeky but you can even play certain ps3 games on your Psp via remote play option, you can download and play ps1 games on the psp anywhere you want to. Get an 8 or 4 gig card for this thing and transfer anything from your PC to it, surf the internet, listen to music. The 2000 and the 3000 model can be hooked to a big screen, the list goes on.

  2. Do not buy PSP as it would ruin her eyes, I would recommend you to go for Xbox as you have a better control over a huge screen vs small screen. And I am sure she would have fun. Read this thorough review on the XBox, it’ll help you making the decision:

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    From my research, you can find the XBox at a good price here:

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  3. I would recommend either a Wii or Xbox. Don’t get her a PSP. If she gets a bit addicted to video games she would be able to play the PSP everywhere she goes.

    If you are determined to get a portable system, wait for the PS Vita instead. It comes out in February.

    Edit: @rox, While it is impossible to have a physical addiction, in the same way a physical addiction to alcohol and other indulgences is impossible, it is possible for it to interfere with your life, which is still considered an addiction and is all I meant. You convince yourself just to play one more level and get done what you need to later. When you finish that level you don’t want to stop and decide on just one more level, and pretty soon you beat the game. Nothing productive got done, and you are now paying for another game to play.

    With a console you go somewhere where you know it can’t tempt you. With a portable you don’t ever have to stop playing.

  4. i think a Wii would be better for someone of her age actually. some very fun games available for it. Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy, etc.

    +with some games you have to get up and move around, so it’s better for exercise too.

    but out of the 2 choices listed there, i’d go for a PSP.

  5. The Wii is the system of choice for the child of that age, but to answer the question you asked I would say the PSP, a small child is likely to enjoy it more and it’ll entertain her where ever she goes, but I would imagine that the Nintendo DS or 3DS would have better games for a child her age.

    FYI Gaming addiction is nothing more than an ill conceived excuse originally created by negligent parents wanting to simplify complex psychological disorders. Nothing more than a social scapegoat to take the blame for more serious problems afflicting individuals who use gaming as a way to ease their “pain.” Granted in some cases gaming can make things worse but in no way is it responsible for the original condition. Anyone claiming to be an addict is really just compensating for something more serious.

  6. I agree with the person above me, a wii is definitely the way to go. It is very kid friendly, and other consoles are geared more towards older gamers. However, xbox now has the Kinect, which is their version of bein active while gaming. The wii is very cheap righ now, almost half the price of an xbox with Kinect.

  7. If you are going to get her a portable gaming system I would get a ds or 3ds. The 3ds is new and about 169. It is 3d but can play any of the 300+ ds games. (my 4 year old has one) they have amazing children’s games, and classics like mario you can download from the marketplace (for a fee).

    They really aren’t making psp games and the ps vita is going to be download only, so I would wait for the vita if you are stuck on the sony brand.

    As for a console, I would get the xbox slim with kinect. Granted the kinect doesn’t have a whole lot of games, but it forces the child to be active when playing games vs sitting on the couch. Although there is always the regular 360 games which you can sit on the couch and play. Plus the 360 has some good games for parents. And the Kinect is fun for the whole family.

    If you think that cost to much, get the Wii. It uses motion to get the person playing involved in the game. The difference between the Wii and Kinect is: With the Kinect you don’t use controllers you are the remote and the camera picks up movements surprisingly well (whole body). with the Wii you have to hold a controller and you only are moving your arms when playing most games.

    We have both and we play the kinect more, and my 4 yr old loves playing kinectimals. Good luck.

  8. Xbox if she likes killing people and PSP if shes going from different places alot 🙂

    Wii if she is just having some fun and PS3 if she likes watching videos 🙂

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