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I need someone to help me with this PS3 problem, please i am worried?


I was on the internet browser on youtube and then a blue screen with a load of random text flashed on for about a second. It then turned my PS3 off. I managed to get it on but i had to re-enter time, date etc and internet connections. It seems to have restored all my info luckily enough. But can i still use my online account etc as normal or will it be all corrupted. I was also worried that if go online it will be like when you log in as someone else on your PS3, will this happen as i had to sign up again but use an existing account so i dont really know. But please help is this normal or should i get it repaired or something?

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  1. see if you can use your psn account and if there is a new user and your old user is gone go create a playstation network account on the new user which is the only user on ps3 ( if it forget your old user) and then press use existing psn account and then enter your psn detials for your psn account and you can use your old psn account on the new user.

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