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I have MW2, but my mom wont let me play because she thinks its too “violent”?


My dad got me MW2 for PS3 for Christmas, but my mom wont let me play because she thinks its too violent. She said like if you play too much, youll get addicted and youll change like get aggressive or get bad grades.My dad lets me only play on Fri-Sun. Is there anything to do to my parents think its not bad to play?
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Oh yeah and I get A’s on my report card
Update 2:
Im 12 yrs old

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  1. Well first of all, your still in school so I’m assuming your under 18 and technically you shouldn’t even be playing MW2.

  2. well who bought the game for you? if it was your mom(surprise!) then just tell her that you wont get violent. do you see movies like saving private ryan and Avatar? well i don’t see how much different the violence in those films are to MW2. compare violent movies to MW2. and the last straw you could always start weeping and tell them youll get good grades and to give you a chance. if byt the next report card your grades drop them you will stop playing the game.

    good luck

  3. Well, when my mom thought I was playing a very violent game, back in the days of Metal Gear Solid 1 or Resident Evil, I would just tell her to ”F” off. Although I wouldn’t really advise this haha

  4. dude, just tell them its what you like. tell your mom that you’ll get aggressive if she won’t let you play. make a promise that you’ll get straight A’s even if you are playing. she is right about the addicted part, mw2 online is addictive but you can control yourself.


  5. LOL that is pretty gutting

    america is so overprotective most people in england get * grades but still allowed on mw2

  6. How old are you?

    Id say it would be a bit ridiculous if you are 15+. Tell them that you can skip violent parts of the campaign using that setting, and then just play multiplayer. As for getting aggressive – wtf. Bad grades – possibly.

    I know 9 year olds that play it, but lifes harsh

  7. my way is to explain that studies have shown that fast gameplay improves brain functions like reaction time, hand-eye co-ordination plus improves memory and lots of other things, can’t remember where i read it but its true or just say try things like all your friend got it and want to play with them, bribe her or even sell and rebuy (so it’s official yours and not a gift)

  8. Listen to your parents.

    Do not play on Weekdays, focus on school. Your dad is really reasonable for letting you play on only Fri-Sun.

    Your mom also has a good point because you MAY get addicted and will not focus on your homework. Don’t think it will happen? Overtime yes it will. It happend to me, now I keep getting B’s in my classes instead of A’s. You will become agressive also for instance your mom calls you to help her and your in a game match you will constantly say “Later mom,” and then overtime forget to do it.

    Listen to your parents, don’t fight back.

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