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How to read PS3’s HDD on PC?


How to read the PS3’s HDD on Windows because I want to format the HDD because it got corrupted and I cant do it in PS3 safe mode. Do I need to install linux? I can do that. 😀 Thanks

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  1. a pc can’t read a ps3 hard drive because it is encrypted so only the ps3 it was in can read the data. use your ps3 to format it if you need to do that

    just open the system settings menu or access safe mode on the ps3 and choose the restore ps3 system option

    if you can’t do either you need a new hard drive , there is no other solution

  2. You can’t install Linux on it, so no, you *can’t* do that.

    If for whatever reason you can’t use Safe Mode:

    [url is not allowed].

    Then you would need to get an external 2.5″ SATA enclosure for it. Connect it to the computer and you’ll have to go into Computer Management to initialize and format the hard drive. Once you’ve done that, remove it from the enclosure and reinsert it into the PS3 which will then ask you to format it for use.

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