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How to help my Xbox 360 from Overheating?


My xbox 360 has started over heating a lot. It’s not because it is in a small area because it is out in the open (not like in the middle of my floor, and its on a wooden stand i made for it, standing up). I think it might be because my room is sometimes hot. I was just wondering if there was anyway i could help it out. *by the way my xbox is about 3 years old so could it be because of that?

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  1. Well, new jasper chipsets don’t really have this problem anymore, as they consume much less power, stronger solder points and manufacturing process so that a few dust bunnies wont be killing the fans or mobo. Hence all models made after mid-2009 practically don’t have the RRoD anymore.

    In case you have an older model, here’s what I’ve been doing to keep it running.

    -Play games in well ventilated room

    -Place the 360 somewhere dust can’t accumulate so easily, like the second level of a TV-tray

    -Place a clean cover over the console when I’m not playing.

    I opened my 5-month old jasper last week to check if my procedures were of any help, and you guessed it. There wasn’t any dust at all visible to the naked eye (only very small particles viewed with a flashlight, dusted those off too with aerosol spray). Works like a champ.

    The key is keeping the console clean. Sadly, as consoles become more powerful, they will need stronger ventilation. Dust is the enemy of ventilation. Keep dust away, and you keep annoying blinking error lights away.

  2. first of all, lay it down, it shouldnt stand up, especially if you have the original x360.

    I use USB LAPTOP fan cooler pads, (see link below). this helps the airflow. If you are someone skilled with mechanical things you could try opening your xbox case (look up a youtube video) and blow out the dust. This will also help it run cooler.

    But airflow is key. I also run a fan at the rear near the power plug.

  3. Dont stand it up lay it down side ways so air can go in from both sides not just the top. since you have an old Xbox you should do the 12v fan mod. it will be loud but trust me it will not overheat again.

  4. Try using a mini-fan to blow air directly into the vents.

    Is the back of the 360 close to the back of your stand or the wall. Try to give plenty of room for the back of the 360.

    The Zephyr 360 does get a lot hotter than the other 360s (Falcon, Jasper).

  5. if you dont feel like spending money on things such as fans for it you can of course keep the temperature down in that room, keep it off any carpet and away from any apulstry, have it on a flat, raised area awayf romt eh cround with out many things around it, hope this helps

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