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How to get my ps3 back?


I am adopted and iam 17. So my dad takes away my ps3 and has not given it back in olmost a months and i have a bedtime which is 10:00 oclock. I dont need a bedtime iam 17. So iam woundering how do i get my ps3 back cause iam a good cod mw3 player. My kd is 1.35. What do i do cause iam just angry and fedup.

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  1. OK y does it matter that your adopted

    He took your ps3 away for a reason (probably grades)

    Bedtime is probably for a reason as well.

    Wow your KD is not good, mine is better and i do not consider my self good.

    What i suggest is sell your ps3 because it seems to give you anger issues.

  2. Your 17 and you can’t spell for * that is probably a real indication that your dad who has taken you in and cared for you and loved you like his OWN child is worried about your future.

    Last job interview I attended they were impressed with my written English skills. strangely enough they did not ask what my Cod K/D was. I was shocked too, but yeh, there we go.

  3. Keep complaining, my dad takes the wire to my ps3 when I’ve been a * so I just complain literally 24/7 then he gets pissed off so he gives me the wires back 😀 try it, might work?

  4. I’m willing to be that you probably deserve to have your system taken from you. Just stop whining and wait it out.

  5. You buy your own PS3 and say “THIS IS MINE, DO NOT TOUCH! MY MONEY, MY SYSTEM!” And then since it’s your property, if they try to take it away from you, you can use the authorities (the cops) to basically tell them they can’t touch it without your consent. Go read up on the laws in your country friend.

    First of all, find out WHY he took it from you. If the reason is a good one like you were being an idiot or something, then just be extra good and then one day ask politely for it back. If he just took it away for the sake of taking it away then make a deal with him to get it back.

    Hope that helps.

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