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How to fix the YLOD on 60GB ps3?


I got the yellow light of death on my 60 gb ps3. I have no idea what to do. My mw3 disk is stuck inside. Please help!

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  1. Hello. i’m sorry to announce that you’ve got the YLOD. I myself am in a fix also, as my friend is barrowing my Resident Evil: OP Raccoon City and she has YLOD with it stuck in there -.-.

    Anyway, the best method to FIXING your PS3 is watching this video to simply fix it yourself.

    Part 1: [url is not allowed].

    Part 2: [url is not allowed].

    Part 3: [url is not allowed].

    He’s very good at showing you what to do. I myself have a 160GB slim and just watched it out of curiosity.

    Even if you don’t chose to watch at least let me tell you. DO NOT try the hairdryer technique, you need to reflow the thermal compound and the hairdryer olly gets too roughly 130 degrees F which simply is not hot enough. A heat gun is what you NEED to get the thermal compound hot enough to reflow it, the heat gun gets over 500 degrees.

    Good luck!

  2. Unless u took the warranty sticker off, u can it send it to sony. Or dothe hair dryer trick where u put the ps3 in its original box and blow the hairdryer along the back( if u want to risk it) to take the disk out of ur ps3 hold down the power button and the disk will come out

  3. I can fix my ps3 =) 4 time YLOD Fat ps3 with 60gb. Maybe u call SONY.

    Don’t worry hold ur disk later first here.

    1. U must first have screw, ear clean stick, ArctiClean, Hair Fan, Repair Kit Fix + Thermal Paste. All correct U make sure ready.

    2. Ready go to screw to under HDD.

    3. Remove ur HDD be, be careful ur HDD put maybe soft and bed if HDD damage.

    4. Screw all ur ps3 open be careful there r plug!. Note if u pull broke ur ps3 plug lose.

    5. Check all plug remove and disk.

    6. Again box and fan remove now.

    7. Now u see box 2 cell dirty then u must ear clean stick with ArctiClean to clean 2 cell.

    8. Repair Kit Fix + Thermal Paste and hair fan heat.

    9. back all on box and disk plug.

    10. HDD re inside plug.

    11. Done u can back ur disc back it work. i hope help u.

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