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How to do link play on xbox 360?


what things do you need for link play.me and my uncle dont like spiltscreen so i wanna get the things so we can play on 2 diffrent tvs. how do you link them together and what do you need thanx

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  1. okay so to do this u need: 2 xbox 360’s, 2 Tv’s, a ethernet cable, and the regular cords to connect your xbox to the tv’s and 2 controllers. K plug both of the xbox to seperate tv’s and take the ethernet cable and connect one end to each xbox. go to ur game and u should be able to play but u cant play on xbox live hope this helps

  2. Connect an ethernet cable connecting to both xboxs via the ethernet ports. Or if you want to connect more than two xboxs you can also by a router and you would be able connect various xboxs and play system link with multiple xboxs and multiple tvs. up to 8 xboxs. To do this just connect one ethernet cable per xbox to the router.

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