Home Playstation Forum How to connect to ps3 network with 3 mobile broadband?

How to connect to ps3 network with 3 mobile broadband?


I am unable to get landline broadband so i have 3 mobile broadband and i heard a few months ago that you can connect the ps3 online with mobile broadband so i tried it but it failed to obtain the ip address and then it obtained it but the internet connection failed so does firewall have to be off to do this or something else Please HELP

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  1. This really depends on your setup.

    If you’ve hooked it up via your computer using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing), that can be quite buggy, and may require some extra setup regarding DNS.

    If you’ve hooked it up via a router, you may need to setup Port Forwarding, since PS3 Online most likely doesn’t work over 80 or 8080.

    Also, check your coverage. When you use your 3 Mobile Broadband with your PC, or if you have a 3 Mobile, do you get a good signal?

  2. Um mobile broadbands connect whereever that companys phones get reception. I dont think it may be strong enough to get a signal. Plus the plans usually have a certain amount of memory use on those mobile broadbands.

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