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How ps3 stop freezing?


I’ve had my ps3 for 5 years and nothing happened. One day, it suddenly started freezing when I was playing mw3. I played other games but still kept freezing. I left it alone more than a month and played uncharted 2 campaign but still freezes. I went to safe mode did every option necessary but still froze. I don’t want to send it to Sony or I have to pay $99. Is there any other way without money to stop this freezing mayhem?

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  1. Make sure your PS3 stays cool. It should be on an open and cool area. #1 reason why PS3s freeze because of overheating. Since your PS3 is 5 years, have you considered of cleaning it? It may be the dust within it. Use a soft cloth and clean the top. Also for the insides, use a low powered vacuum and suck up the dust inside from the vents when it’s unplugged. if you play lots of games, saved many things etc, delete any useless things you do not use on your PS3 such as game data you don’t play anymore, friends, messages, etc. It makes your PS3 lag. Don’t play for it for too long, keep your PS3 healthy. If it still freezes, I’m sorry but it needs a repair because it may be a sign of YLOD.

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