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How much longer do we have to wait until PSN is back up and running again?



  1. there’s really no way to know at this point. we have no idea how much software their reconstructiong, OR how much workforce is on the case.

    just be patient.

  2. Well, I have been doing Alot of research on the PS3 forums and, well, of all the information I gathered, It should be up by this Sunday. I would never say to turn to the Gay-Box! Im just playing on my PS3 offline, trying to defeat different difficulties. I recommend you try to play on your computer, read a book, anything but turn to the XBox! Us Sony users will be there for PS3, not to give up!

    Keep going PS3! Get those hackers and shove them in a hole!

  3. We don’t know exactly when it will be up, like I answered for every other Q in this section, Your going to have to be patient and wait. And I would just try and platnium some games or play something 1P for now. So just be patient.

  4. According to vg247, it has been upgraded to “Emergency Maintenance” in the developers’ version of the PSN as opposed to the simple maintenance.

    SAD. I haven’t checked with my PS3 if we also get the same message about “emergency maintenance”.

    It may take another week at worst.

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