Home Xbox Forum How much could i sell an xbox 360 for?

How much could i sell an xbox 360 for?


I have an XBOX 360 Core Console Halo Limited Edition which i am considering selling. It is in perfect condition, it has the pad, headset and 3 games, Fifa 09, PES 2009, Frontlines Fuel of War.

How much do you think i could sell this for?

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  1. You could sell it for 10p to me. Thats a great deal right there!

    On a more serious note I suggest you check ebay or craigslist for similar packages and see what sort of prices there going for to base your value off. Or for a simplier option take it to a Video Games store such as GAME or Gamestation to have them buy it off you for a lower price, avoiding any price research and sale advertising for you.

  2. it depends on the condition. if its in really good condition you may get like 120-130. if its in not so good condition then 100 or less.

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