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How long will the PS3 be around for?


I might get a PS3 if the rumour of a price cut happens in April. I’m just curious when will Sony start talking about a new console. Don’t want to buy it, then next year they are talking about the PS4 or something. Iv heard them say it will be around for 10 years. But I recently heard a Ubisoft guy saying look for new consoles in 2011-2012.

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  1. If you have watched the SONY press conference on last years E3 Sony will make gaming consoles that will have life-spans of at least 10 years.the PS2 has lasted that long and is still going strong.

    Don’t expect a PS4 anytime soon, but hope to see concepts of a PS4 after I’d say 5 years more or less

    But yes if the price cuts are true in April I highly suggest you buy a Ps3 for $299 that will be a great bargain especially in these hard times we are having. great hope you purchase one.

  2. Well PS2 came out in 2000 and it is still going strong.

    PS3 will be around for quite a while. Sony does a good job of making their systems able to stand the test of time which is why PS2 was equipped w/a DVD drive before they were popular and now the PS3 has Blu Ray. Blu Ray is the HD format for the forseeable future.

    The only system you may see by 2011 is Wii HD. Xbox needs to get more $$ out of 360 because it has cost them so much (Gaming is Microsofts worst department money-wise), and Sony usually has a 10 year cycle with their systems.

    Buy a PS3. Its awesome.

  3. i’ve heard they were pulling the ps3 cuz more ppl were buying DS than ps3.pd3 was getting out bought by a ridiculous amount

  4. in 2016 it will be time for a new system those ubisoft people are probably talking about a new xbox or nintendo system

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