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How do you change settings for a PS3 motion controller?


We have two motion controllers and one is dead and being charged. The games are fixated on using the dead one. I can press the PS3 button to get to the controller menu, but can’t figure out how to interact with it using the motion controller. The regular PS3 controllers don’t do anything.
When I’m in the controller menu for a motion controller, how do I do anything? For example, move up and down the options? With a regular controller you’d use the joystick. The other controllers don’t work.

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  1. you’ll have to go into the settings via the ps button , then click on accessory settings > controller setup < set the controller to controller 1 that usually works , but if it doesn’t because of how that game works you would have to turn both controllers off ( the dead one and the other ) then turn on one so it gets set at controller number 1

  2. Hold down the PS button on the dead controller and go to “Disconnect Controller” or something similar. You can navigate this menu with another controller if it works.

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