Home Playstation Forum How do I upgrade my PS3 HDD to a 250GB laptop HDD?

How do I upgrade my PS3 HDD to a 250GB laptop HDD?


I have a 40 GB fat ps3. I was wondering of anyone can tell me the requirements ans things i need to do to complete this upgrade. Like what do i do as soon as i put the hdd in the ps3? And that stuff. thanks

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  1. You’ll need to make sure you have a screwdriver capable of removing the small tray that holds the HDD. You’ll also need a 2.5 inch SATA drive. It’s just a matter of removing the tray that holds the hard drive, swapping in the new one, putting it back into PS3 and then turning console on (after you’ve secured it). PS3 will do the rest.

    You may want to back up all your data if possible, primarily save games as you’ll lose these when the new drive goes in. Also remember to sync your trophies before attempting it.

  2. I’m assuming you know how to swap out the HDD’s.

    When you turn on your PS3 after the switch over, your PS3 will ask you to first format the new HDD. It will format the HDD and install the PS3’s OS and you’re good to go.

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