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How do I resume a cancelled Xbox marketplace download?


A while ago my friend began downloading the W@W zombie maps for Black Ops, but cancelled it due to the download taking too long. He has since lost his code for the download and wants to continue downloading the maps. I think he cancelled it around 32%. Anyway he says when he look at his previous downloads there is no option to resume downloading the zombie maps, any help?

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  1. He’d have to start over. It will not continue from 32% if he actually cancelled the download. If he had simply paused the download, he’d be fine. So now he needs to go and start over.

    Your best bet is to start the download, turn off your control and tv (obviously leave the xbox on though), and just come back an hour later and it should be done.

  2. I haz teh sohloushin tooh ur prahblehm. But seriously, all you have to do is go to the game marketplace, find W@W’s game info, go to it’s downloadables, select the map pack he started downloading, and then it will say as an option, “download again”. Choose that to download it again, but it won’t resume. It starts over. You can’t resume something that was cancelled.

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