Home Xbox Forum how do i redeem my xbox 360 live?

how do i redeem my xbox 360 live?


oka so i had the free trial right but it expired and now i bought a new live card and idk how to redeem it. it says i have to sign in to do anything but i dont have live at the moment so how can i redeem it so i will have live? any help would be greatly appreciated. thankyou.

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  1. You can try logging into http://www.xbox.com and use the email and all the stuff you used for the original free trial. This should you give access to that account on the website and from there, there is a button that says redeem code or something of the sort where you can put your new code in.

  2. you have to make a xbox live profile and if it still doesnt work then you have to buy a new one

    the same thing happened to me

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