Home Playstation Forum How do I play ps3 online wireless?

How do I play ps3 online wireless?


Sorry if its a dumb question. I got it a few days ago and I wonder if I can play with other users online without connecting a cable to the internet.Thanks(:

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  1. With a wireless router you should get the connection when you search for an access point. If you cannot find one then check if the back of your computer is connected with a wire if it is then you have a wired connection and you cannot play it wireless.

  2. In ur playstation home screen when u first start it up. Scroll far left to settings. I believe the names of these are right. Going off memory. Anyway, settings drops down to a list of things. Go to network settings. Then the drop down should have something like Internet connection> select enable. Then go down to connection setup or something of that nature. U will be prompted to select wired or wireless. Obviously u select wireless. Press the right arrow on the D-pad. Then follow the easy set up. Scan for router. Find your wireless router and follow all prompts from there on. If u are playing behind a fire wall u will have to chick the individual game settings to show u how to get around it and allow other to find u and visa versa. Hope it works. If not email me and I will give u further directions. [email is not allowed]. Should work though. Good luck. God bless.

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