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how do i hook up my laptop to my xbox for xbox live?


i have the ethernet cable that came with the 360 and neither the router or xbox can be moved. can somebody please give me step by step details how to do this. thanks!

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  1. Do you have a Router? it has multiple Ethernet ports on the back.


    Do you have a Modem. with 1 Ethernet port on the back?

    A router you can just plug the laptop and Xbox in and your done.

    If you have a modem you you’ll need a HUB. with multiple Ethernet ports on the HUB the laptop and Xbox will detect the Internet and you done.

    More details will help us help you.

  2. Your question doesn’t make much sense, please rephrase it.

    i don’t think you can use your XBOX as a hub, for the laptop.

    You can use both at once by connecting them to the router, but you can’t easily connect one through the other.

    Your XBOX should connect directly to the router for optimal performance.

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