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How can you keep your xbox cooler?



  1. Dont put nothing on top, behind or in an enclosure. The console needs a lot of fresh air specially if you play long hours and the game is not installed into your hard drive. Having good open space for the console and it is well ventilated you should be just fine.

  2. Dont put it near the corner, make sure there is room around the xbox or try sticking a fan behind it so it dont overheat.

  3. I have 4 bottle caps under my console (one at each corner) so the air can circulate around it, plus my Xbox is open so its even cooler.

  4. Heat rises so keep it near the ground (not on the ground cuz there’s a lot of dust). Also give it a 20-30 minute break about every 3 hours so its not overworked and so it can cool off. Also take a microfiber towel and wipe the xbox down every few days because dust gathers on the xbox and sometimes falls through the fan when xbox is off. Also keep it in an open area. I do all these things and mine works fine without the fan attachment that costs 20 bucks.

  5. Microsoft actually made a fan attachment you can purchase for the 360. That’d only be for extreme cases though. I’d first off recommend making sure that you give your xbox lots of room to “breath”. Don’t have it crammed against the walls of a desk or have any cases on or against it. Anything around it could make the internal fans of the system less effective.

    Also, try installing your games to your hard-drive rather than having the console always read them from the disc. This will make the xbox work less, producing less heat.

    Or if you want to be really lazy, buy a simple desk fan, point it at the xbox, instant coolness.


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