Home Playstation Forum Hi, I was wondering how to jailbreak my ps3 slim.?

Hi, I was wondering how to jailbreak my ps3 slim.?


If anyone could answer my question I would be very grateful. Thanks.

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  1. well , first you have to know what model it is and when it was built because if its not a 120GB model made and shipped before march 2010 you can not jailbreak it

    if its the oldest ps3 slim models ( the ones made in the first 6 months they made the slim ) then you would open it up and install the e3 flasher ship to downgrade the fw to version 3,55. then you would go online to a website and download the software.

    after all of that you could play offline only and only certain games that don’t need fw version 3,60 or higher which all of the new games require ( including gta5 , watchdogs , and so on ) and you would not be able to use the psvita with it or get netflix or the youtube app and could not play bluray movies because you would not have the right security keys installed , you could not update games or get dlc , redeem codes etc. , send messages , have psn friends etc.

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