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Help with Xbox live?


There’s alot of profanity coming from the people using the headsets in Xbox live. When I unplug the headset I hear their voices coming from my television ahhhh! which is even worse.So Is there a way I can turn off all their voices? Thanks

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  1. You can mute any player in the game by clicked on their name and muting them instead of muting all of the players. You could also just keep the headset in and have the sound come through the headset but dont have the headset on or just turn off the ehadset but have the sound coming through the headset.

  2. Set the settings to have the voices come out of the headset, but then unplug the headset. Make sure that you don’t have it on mixed, because then it divides the sound and you will hear it from both the tv and the headset.

  3. Instead of all these other hassles like having a microphone dangling off while playing simply go to the farthest right screen on your dashboard (home screen when you start the 360) and select parental controls. From there put it so that voice communication isn’t allowed and tada! No more voices. This can also be changed so that you can only hear those on your friends list.

  4. Yes, you can either select them from the player list (next to the friend tab) and select mute – or just go to your sound profile settings in the game and select Friends only rather than Everyone.

  5. maybe check your game manual to find out how to turn voice masking off of course if its xbox live compatible

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