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Help with my iLO HDTV and my Xbox 360 please?


I have an iLO HDTV and am wondering how to get HD to my Xbox 360 using the component cables. I looked online and found that I need to connect the blue, red, and green cables to the back of the tv. Switch the (thing) on the back of the xbox from tv to hdtv, and to plug in the yellow and red cables to the audio outputs. But I can’t get the picture to come in. There is only one place that has a blue, red, and green (things) to connect the component cables too. But no matter what setting I go to, (such as Analog tv, composite 1 or 2, or s-video, or DIV) it doesn’t work. I only have one component (channel I guess?) if that makes any difference. And right on the front of my tv it says. HDTV. And it also says HDMI. Also to note, I looked on youtube and found many videos of people connecting their Xbox’s to their TV’s this way. (using component cables) But I can’t get mine to work. And also, I don’t have my yellow cable plugged in either.

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  1. You could try using an HDMI cable. Thats what my friend uses on his HD but I just use composites on mine. Just so you know, components don’t offer audio, so you’ll need to get extra cables that do.

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