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Guys! How come the new ps3 40 gb, 80gb & 160 Gb cannot play ps2 game anymore?



  1. the 40gig bc was takein out to lower the cost the new 80gig is really a 40gig with a biger hard drive and the very same gos for the new 160 gig hard drive its also a 40gig ps3 with a 160 gig hard drive so when people are stupid and spend 599 they are spending 599 on a 40gig ps3 that you can buy for 399 lol

  2. that’s the way of keeping the price lower by Sony. But it doesn’t matter because once you started playing PS3, you don’t wanna go back to PS2.

  3. because sony wants us to forget about it for one thing.

    dont you like ps3 games? besides, having a ps2 isnt all that bad, and plus the dodgy backwards compat

  4. Have you been living in a cave for the past year? Only the original 60gb from launch was backwards compatible, they removed the Emotion engine (or maybe it was emulated) to reduce cost.

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