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God of War 3 Multiplayer Concept (PS3)?


It would have been great if GOW3 had a multiplayer option. But since there can only be one Kratos, you might ask me how. Well, there’s only one “Snake” and yet Metal Gear came up with a multiplayer option. My idea would be ‘spartans” vs the gods and their beastly creatures. It’s possible right? But it’s not going to happen. But what do you think of the concept?

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  1. I think that is a very good idea. I mean, multiplayer and co-op modes are basically the things that keep you from not getting bored of the game. Single player campaign is the best IMO, since it has all of the juice in it, but multiplayer modes don’t get boring, unless they are really repetitive.

    It would be a really good addition. But there is still a good chance it’ll happen. Look at Uncharted. The first game didn’t have multiplayer. Now the second one will have multiplayer AND co-op.

  2. i would think the concept of it would be basically Team Gore Matches and Search and Destroy matches well it wouldn’t work on a hack and slash game though. It would be cool if there was 4 player co op in it though

  3. that my friend is the sweetest idea ever. I mean, we are all fed up with guns and RPGs, it’s time to get our hands on swords for a hand to hand combat. It would basically look like COD4 with spartans in armor and blades and monster enemies. although, that idea can be a DLC for the GOW3 later on so, it will never be too late for that. who knows.

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