Home Xbox Forum few questions about ps4 and xbox one?

few questions about ps4 and xbox one?


does gamers will able to play xbox live in the country which are not listed in supported country

does the gold member ship is needed to run Skype in xbox one

is there any online policy in ps4

I mean people who live in portugal, south africa etc will select usa or uk account to play online

and does people can select fake country to play online

which should I buy ps4 or xbox one

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  1. Get an xbox one

    -You can select a fake country to play online

    -Skype is not necessary

    -Not sure what you mean by an “online policy” for ps4

  2. I will only answer your last question because there isn’t enough detail provided by recent news updates to give descent answers. PS4 and Xbox One are both insanely similar in terms of hardware which is understandable for competition. Despite the release date policies of Microsoft’s DRM Schemes, they have been revoked and will not be in the Xbox One. The only remaining policy is that in which the console must connect to the internet at least once per day which isn’t ideal if you have bad connection. All sharing restraints are gone so it will play quite like a PS4. The advantages to Xbox are that it has fabulous exclusives as shown by games such as Forza and Titanfall as well as a reliable social service and entertainment abilities like being a cable box and having kinect. PS4 hasn’t always had such a reliable online service and is testing one out with the new PS Plus which hasn’t been proven to be a good service yet. However, Sony clearly won the E3 console war as it didn’t have any DRM from the start. All in all, I wouldn’t buy a console on release date. There are always kinks that must be worked out and I feel it smarter to hold on to the current Gen consoles until all sounds well. Both companies did say they would still make games for the current gen systems for years to come. Just wait a year or maybe even a little less to make your decision. By then, all of your questions will be answered.

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