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EASY QUESTION: What’s the best Halo game?


Now don’t just give me the answer tell me why you liked the halo game better than any of the others and why it’s worth buying. Oh yeah and if anybody brings up another game they won’t get it. The best answer will get.
Hurry only lasts until friday
Update 2:
I will now declare the winner of this a hour from now
Update 3:
I will also say that xxheadshothunterxx did not win this time because Call of Duty is not a halo type game (although COD4 is a preety sick nasty game). But sorry now we have only three members next so stay tuned in 30 min we will show you the next winner.
Update 4:
When i said winner i ment loser
Update 5:
Sorry baby jebus but you lost so there’s only two more people left. Let me tell you one more thing anybody else that try’s to answer here in the next 30 min. won’t get it.

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  1. Halo Wars because it has about just as fun xbox live play as 3. 3 has better xbox live than 1 and 2 and halo wars has just as fun xbox live BUT!! number 3 has really not fun campaign and halo wars has fun campaign so having the most fun campaign and tied for the best xbox live play Halo Wars is the best

  2. Halo Wars

    Because your taking control of your very own army and its so easy to maneuver

    unlike in Command And Conquer were theres so much buttons and different stuff to click on

    And Idk about Halo Recon cause you know it hasnt come out yet

    but it looks really good to


    1.Halo Wars


    2.Halo 2

    Because its just a classic,its very orginal and its way better then Halo 1 just because of graphics and guns and stuff

    and its better then Halo 3

    because its orginal but I dont know anyone can make an argument out of which one is better “Halo 2 or Halo 3”

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