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Does a Ps3 need these components?


Hi, I’m planning to buy a PS3 and I’m a bit concern about these two components.

They are:

AV cables

and HDMI Cables

Since they aren’t included in the PS3 box.

Do I need this to use the PS3?

Also what do both these cables do?


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  1. the ps3 comes with av cables , it’s the cable that connects it to the tv ( a standard yellow video and red/white audio connection ) if you have an hdtv you need either a component av cable ( red/green/blue video red/white audio ) which is an analog output and can also connect to a regular tv or a digital hdmi cable which transmits both audio and video in one cable. component will give a higher resolution than the standard output – up to 720p – but for full HD you need hdmi. they aren’t necessary to use a ps3 but for an hdtv you’ll probably want one.

  2. Composite Cables come with the PS3 and will allow it to plug into most TVs. However these are standard def cables. Buy HDMI cables if you want to play in HD. HDMI cables can be purchased for under $10.

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