Home Playstation Forum do you need fast internet to play ps3 online?

do you need fast internet to play ps3 online?


so i have broad band but it’s no fast mainly because i really only browse the web and am patients when i download big things( which is not often ) although what i want to know is could i play games freely online with a download speed of 0.21 mbps and an upload speed of 0.05 mbps. any pros and cons? just want to play games online such as NBA 2k12, cod, skyrim, madden etc

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  1. Try and see.

    It depends from game-to-game. I have a pretty terrible connection but I can usually play Battlefield 3 lag-free but if I try to play GT5 online it is unplayable because of lag.

    If the game allows it, try to join a server as close to where you live as possible or try to play with friends who live near you.

    Have fun trying to play Skyrim online on PS3, it will be in your imagination.

  2. You bring a good point there. I would think that you would need a faster connection to fully enjoy online multiplayer games. Both values are quite low, so if I were you I would invest in a better connection, if that is not too expensive in your area to maintain. Talk to your broadband company and see if they could come with a deal to you. But before you do that, please try to play online on the PS3 before you even consider getting a new plan! Perhaps it will work just splendid?

    Remember, you do not need to have an internet connection to play most of the PS3 games in single player mode or split screen. If I am not mistaken, Skyrim does not contain a multiplayer mode.

    But you are right, you need a bit faster connection than the one mentioned to not encounter common lag spikes during game, or forced booting from the game due to being too laggy.

    TL;DR Yes, you might need a faster connection but before you go changing it try if your current connection works just fine with the mentioned games.

    Good luck!

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