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Do you have to be signed in and online in xbox live to receive messages?


Can people send you messages if your not on your xbox? And will people receive messages you send to them while they are not online?
If you send someone a message while they are offline, will they receive it when they go online. And what if someone sends you a message while you are offline, will you receive it when you go online?

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  1. You can receive messages and send messages when online.

    When your offline you CANT send or receive anything because your not connected to the internet.

    Your account will still receive messages but you can read them until you sign in.

  2. im not sure what your asking

    People can send you messages whether your offline or online.

    You can send people messages whether there offline or online.

    You dont have to be on xbox to check messages. you can sign in on xbox.com and check your account there.

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