Home Playstation Forum Did you know that you can go on the internet with PS2?

Did you know that you can go on the internet with PS2?


I’ve had my Play Station 2 for like 9 years now and i JUST found out that i could go online with it!! i bought it used, so it wasnt in the original box which wouldve told me i could go online with it!!
Hmmm: i was 9 when i got my ps2, i didnt know what that hole in the back was for. and my SEGA did not have the enerthet port.

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  1. Congratulations on finding out! What games do you have for it that will play online though? There is scarcely a community anymore on there anyways. I have SOCOM II, Tony Hawk’s Underground 2, Hot Shots Golf Fore! and Ratchet and Clank: Up your Arsenal.

  2. Omg are you serious? I have had a PS2 since like 2002/2003 or something (don’t use anymore, I play on PS3) and I never knew that you could go online with it! I have the original box and everything lmao. but I never read the stuff on it.

    Ahhh I feel so stupid now lol

  3. lol, u Computer has an Ethernet port right, n u know what that is for? what did u think the 1 on the PS2 was for?.well that is unless u had a Fat PS2 then u would have needed the Ethernet Adapter/Expansion Bay.

    and its not “could” Sony is not MS, PS is not Xbox, Xbox live is done for but u can still go online with a PS2 (PS2s are still being sold and Xbox is not) but not with all the games anymore, there are still a few that are still supported, if u google for a list of PS2 games that still supports online u should find a list.

    oh, BTW, the DreamCast & GameCube had online as well & if i remember right so did the Sega Saturn (still works online) Sega Genesis, NES & SNES n if all those had online y wouldn’t the PS2 but i think PS1 skipped it, not 100% sure.

    P.S. i need to buy a NES for Duck Hunt, i keep putting it off 🙁

    Edit: what Sega did u have? it had an adapter, think it was a broadband adapter, i cant remember, but it came separate, kinda like the fat PS2 it came separate, if it was b4 the DreamCast, like the Saturn then it would be something called a NetLink, think that was dial-up.

    most things had adapters until Xbox & PS2 Slim then they all became built in, except for PCs obviously which have been built with the cards in for yrs, lol.

  4. Yepp, the old XBOX was a competitor for the PS2 and the XBOX had XBOX live online support back in the day, (Halo 2 anyone?); so of course the PS2 had online capabilities to and you could play online games as well. Though I never really used it for that, and I don’t think it was especially popular, not compared to Xbox Live anyway. 😛

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