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Change my mind about Xbox?


I want to get an xbox but the more i think about it the more it seems pointless. My friends want me to get one to play Halo but im not really into Halo, and i like Gears but it seems stupid to waist all that money to play Gears. I will be playing CoD on my PS3 because thats what all my cousins and most of my friends play. What else does xbox offer besides XBL? I have the money ready incase some one changes my mind. Thankz in advance.

I dont like motion controllers.

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  1. although u said u dont like motion controllers im just gonna say it any way the new xbox 360 that the one comes with the kinect and 4gb its pretty much cool deal although u dont like it but if u dont really u should get the 250GB xbox 360 or wait to the next month so the gears of war3 console comes out then u should buy it it has 2 contrls the game and a modded case for the xbox 360

    [url is not allowed].

    the new 360 advantages

    ::1-it dosent rrod

    2-less and less noisy

    3-quieter in game disc reading

    4-5x usb ports

    5-touch sens buttons

    6-gears+crysis2(although i think u have it on ps3)+homefront way awesome on xbox live(i think it has more players that the psn)+and for the kinect the next 2 month its gonna have IT i mean the new sequel of tom clancy’s ghost recon future solider is coming on and only on the kinect (exclusive for it) its gonna be hugeeeee plus i heard from a friend of mine that maybe maybe cod mw3 its be able to paly it on the kinect as well and there’s gonna be update for the kinect thats gonna make you play black ops on it

    so thats it i dont know wht else u want to know so that u buy it

    btw today i just got my killzone 3 ps3 bundle and it rocccks the killzone is awesome

  2. I have both but I consider myself an Xbox guy.

    The biggest reasons to get a 360 rather than a PS3 for most people are:

    1) You want to play online with your friends. The 360 is generally better at that because Xbox Live is more stable, more feature packed, has more content and better for playing with groups of friends, chatting etc, and most people know more friends that play on 360 than PS3. It does cost an annual fee though ($60 or so), and a lot of “Randoms” online are whiny, obnoxious little kids.

    2) You like the 360’s exclusives, Halo, Gears etc.

    3) You like the motion control stuff and Kinect is more advanced and more versatile than move, if a lot more expensive.

    But you have already said that:

    1) You mostly play CoD, and most of your friends play it on PS3, not 360.

    2) You’re not really interested in Halo or Gears.

    3). You’re not interested in motion control.

    It seems to me that you are happy with your PS3, and a 360 would be a waste of money to you. I’d spend the money on PS3 stuff and don’t worry about playing Halo with your friends. I don’t really like Halo either. My friends and I all have Halo3, ODST and Reach, but after we play through the campaign co-op, that’s it. I don’t like it enough to play much after that. I don’t think you’re missing out.

    Unless you have money burning a hole in your pocket, save it.

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