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can we use ps3 as a cpu?



  1. and do what with it? the question is too vague to answer. do you want to use it as a computer and run software like a regular windows os? the older ps3 consoles can have a 10 gigabyte partition on the hdd to install linux. you can do whatever a pc with linux does. new ps3 slims can’t install linux

  2. There is not much reason to do so unless you need allot of processing power but yes.

    See the problem is here is that the PSU’s are not your average “standard code” processors The processors we use today use Outline Code, meaning that you can feed the processor any code you like in any order and it will fix itself. THe PSU’s work diferent they expect prepared code, code that has been put in the right order before they will even thouch it.

    Also they are stream processors, for instance your sound card is also not a generalistic chip but instead made for one job. Due to this it runs a just a few mhz, if you would use a generic processor to do the same job you would need a 800mhz processor or the likes.

    Not joking nothing against generic processors but there is a reason why sound card chips can run at much lower speeds, they are made to do one thing right.

    Now the SPU’s might be fast, really fast but again they are more suited to take a HUGE dataset and do ONE Job on them. Meaning that they would suck at your daily email but if put to process video streams they can do it really fast.

    So in the end see it this way a PC is a generic processor. It can do allot of little things but none of them really well. So to get performance it has to run really fast.

    A streaming processor as found in GPU’s Sound Cards, network cards and other specialistic cards are made to do a limited type of job but do it on a HUGE data set. There is a reason why your video card has 256bits memory acces lanes or more. To feed that powerful GPU it needs that Data at high speed to.

    Yes in science the PS3 is used for it’s superscallar ability to churn data, things like earthquakes, diseases, folding simulations, quantum physica and the likes all are accelerated through the use of the SPU’s

    for your needs though well no they are not for generic purproses

  3. Well I had a friend show me when my PS3 was plugged into the router or modem he somehow installed another os that changed it to a computer format! so it was just like a computer then I held the ps3 power button in for 2x beeps to swith it back to the xmb screen! ^^

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