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Can we play pirated ps3 games in original ps3?


I have bought a new ps3 console from dubai. I want to play more games, but the price of each game cd is so expensive.

So can i play the pirated dvd ,which are in sale in small shops into my ps3 console or I can only play original ps3 games?

Please help me out

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  1. if u want to get banned from using playstation network then go ahead & do it,getting banned means u cannot upgrade ur firmware,u cannot play online.

  2. i am a different anthony and the guy anthony before me is right you cannot play pirated dvd’s as games for the ps3, the origionals are garenteed to work perfictally unless scratched badly, the dvd’s you may have to jailbreak for it to work but i wouldn’t suggest it.

  3. Sorry but you can only play the original CD, if you want to play pirated games on ps3 then i suggest you to look it up on youtube i.e try searching “how to pirated games on ps3” something along those lines should be okay.

    Take Care!


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