Home Xbox Forum can i use a PC external hard drive on an xbox 360?

can i use a PC external hard drive on an xbox 360?


ok so i have a 24 GB Hard drive on my xbox 360 now im looking to go the cheap way out of this instead of going to the store and buying a 120 GB Hard drive for 100$

instead of buying a 640 GB External Hard drive for 60$ that i seen online. now my question is would that work on an xbox 360? ive tried it with my USB (Sandisk 8GB) and it worked with

the formatting and stuff but idk if i can do it with an External Hard drive for the

PC heres the link to the Hard Drive i was looking at

[url is not allowed]

if anyone knows if this would work please let me know (:

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  1. Yes you can.

    If you have the old model xbox 360 you will need to connect to the internet (if its not already) and update to allow you to use a usb device as your hard drive.

    I’m sure that and most HDDs would work, i have a cheap 500GB that works fine.

  2. no sorry mate, i bought an external hard drive a few weeks ago and i tried plugging it into my xbox and it wont even show up under memory!

  3. dont do it unless youre using it on a computer and you think “hey, will this work on my xbox” no get a used 120gb at gamestop for $80thats what i did and trust me unless you install 10 games you wont run out of space

  4. yes u can u just need a certain brand:

    i bought a 320gb external hd and the brand was verbatim

    i dont know if its coz of my xbox or my HD but it sure as hell worked 4 me , except u can only use 16gb of memory

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