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Can I still send in my xbox 360 with red ring of death error?


Ok, my friends xbox 360 got the red ring of death, he bought it on launch day and just broke awile ago. Hes rich so be bought a new elite system and gave me the broken one. I dont have the receipt for it and it still has the seal. Can I still send it into microsoft to get it fixed? And how would I do that?

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  1. First, try out the troubleshooting steps for 3 red lights.

    1.) check the power supply light when it’s on. If it’s green, it’s fine. Amber, it means the power supply needs to be replaced.


    3.) Plug directly into the wall. no surges, they can cause damage to your 360 since there’s already a surge built inside.

    Is those don’t work, you need to get your console repaired by Microsoft (1-800-4my-xbox). Since there’s a 3 year warranty on 3 red lights, everything will be covered ^_^

  2. You call 1-800-4my-xbox they send you a box you send them your 360, and keep your harddrive. THey send you a refurbished one.

    THe extended 3 year warranty covers the 360 and since launch was only 2 years ago, it’s still covered.

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