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Can I Run This On Xbox 360?


i Can run GTA IV on my 360. but i cant run Ballad of gay tony (my xbox is not upgraded to run that wave of game)

can i run red faction guerrilla if i can run GTA IV?

or not?

tnx in advance <3
P.S I have a BENQ VAD6038 drive on my 360. i havent chipped it ( i bought it chipped already) it was bought 1 year and a half ago approx. i can run GTA IV. Left For Dead 1

.Fable 2. but i dont know if i can run Red Faction Guerrilla. does any one of you know what firmware i have?

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  1. Yes you can.

    The actual hardware for the XBOX 360 shouldn’t be an issue.

    The actual chipping of the XBOX shouldn’t have affected it either.

    I am 100% certain that it will work!

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