Home Playstation Forum Can any bluetoothdevice be used with the ps3?

Can any bluetoothdevice be used with the ps3?



  1. Simple answer: No.

    You can hook any Bluetooth headset up to the PS3. You can use Bluetooth specific accessories for the PS3, such as the Sony Remote, or Sony Keypad.

    Even third party accessories must use a USB dongle in order to connect to the PS3, so the specific answer to your question is that only Official Accessories can hook up to the PS3 via Bluetooth, and any Bluetooth headset can be hooked up to the PS3, as long as you know how to put the headset into pairing mode.


    Sorry, I forgot about the Bluetooth keyboard, and should have thought about it since I have one.

    The point of my answer is that you can not hook a cell phone up to the PS3 through Bluetooth, or a laptop/computer up to the PS3 through Bluetooth, etc.

  2. any bluetooth headset or keyboard can be used on a ps3. to connect a headset or keyboard put them in pairing mode then in the appropriate menu on the ps3 search for and connect then select the headset as your input and output device or select to use a keyboard.

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