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Call of duty world at war or fallout 3 for xbox 360?


i can only choose one but im not sure which one ill enjoy more i mean cod has multiplayer and fallout3 just has hours long of rpg adventure, i cant decide i bought fable 2 thinking it would be awesome but i actualy find it very boring and lame so now im thinking of buying either cod waw or fallout 3 but idk what one will be more apealing to me, i know a bit about both games i just dont want to be disapointed like i was with fable 2 if i buy fallout but waw multiplayer alot of my friends ive seen playing so yer idk, can somebody who owns and plays both please tell me which they would decide if they could choose only one and pro’s and cons of each please 🙂

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  1. cod world at war is decent online (i personally dislike it) but the campaign is pretty fun. and fallout 3 is like GTA 4 but with aliens and stuff. its a free open space and yoou do whatever almost.soo if you like games with rules and objectives with a decent online play, i recommend to buy COD. however if you like GTA and a free roam game with little rules, i recommend fallout 3

  2. world at war is the exact same online as cod4, so that mason kid is dumb.

    Go with world at war. It has good online and campaign.

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