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Bt fibre optic broadband with ps4? [uk]?


Hi im currently on sky, getting around a meg, so my dad said he might go with bt fibre 2

so estimated speeds in my area are 66-80 but with sky its 5-10 and im getting 1 so sky

runs with bt will it be fine?

engineer came with sky , fitted a new prefiltered socket in, and still the same


Android Phone X6

laptop/computer X3

PS3/PS4 X2

Printer x1

wii,tv,and others x3

they wont be all using at the sametime for example i wont play ps3 much now, but i will still download free games.

Will it work with ps4, as i have seen some peoples errors.

it would be nice to answer if you have bt+ps4

Thanks 😀

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