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Best way to safely cool your xBox?


My boyfriend recently bought a 32′ plasma tv so we bought a new stand for it. The problem is, with the doors closed, the xBox overheats. Obviously keeping the door open is the “duh” answer. However, the xBox tends to get very warm anyways. I was wondering if anyone had any other solutions in mind? I don’t want liquid coolant or Nyko, I was thinking about this.

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Any thoughts, ideas, comments? Much appreciated, thanks!

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  1. Actually, I have heard that the cooling tray can actually cause more problems than good (I assume we are talking about the 360).

    But yeah, get a fan, or build a fan into the side of the TV stand if you feel up to it. The xbox will always get warm, it’s just getting too ward that you have to worry about.


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  2. just don’t keep it in the stand. Place it outside. Also it’ll probly overheat anyway, as most 360’s do.

  3. I’m sorry but that wont be effective.

    What i use is the Nyko intercooler Fans

    The best way to cool your Xbox 360 is install a liquid system in the bugger, there are kits to do so. and it will void your warranty.

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  4. Don’t blame me if this doesn’t work, but what if you put one of those cooling pads (the soft ones that you put over your eyes if they hurt) and place it, while it’s cool, over your 360.

    P.S. I HAVEN’T tried this yet, but it MAY work.

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