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best way to cool a xbox 360 elite?


well let me tell u the deal i am an MLG gamer i play from 10am to 2am almost everyday with breaks for lunch and dinner my elite runs pretty hot i have had it for a while i keep it on a wood stand that has 2 feet open space around it so its well ventilated i keep the power block far away from it so i do all the right things what im wondering is should i invest in some sort of cooler now im not stupid enoff to buy one of the old niko ones i have heard that niko’s new ones are ok and pelican make good ones but what is the best for me.

note: dont tell me to not play so much i have to play this much its how i get money


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  1. Well i’ll give you some tips! i like to play Halo 3 on my 360 and it gets so hot! what i do to keep it cool is have a small to medium size fan blow air to it! when doing so make sure that your 360 is laying down not tower like! the sides are what suck in most of the air! and whan lying down be sure there is some space for the top (where the disk drive is) and especially the bottom, thats where all the major parts are so don’t let it get hot or.POOF! I hoped thes tips can help you!

  2. Does your wooden stand have ventilation holes under the box? If not, put a cooling rack (like the ones they use for cookies that come right out of the oven) under the box, then blow air at it using a standard house fan. See if that helps. It’s a whole lot cheaper than the others and might just do the trick.

    BTW, I have done this with overheating laptops with very good results.

  3. just point a fan towards it and it should be fine. the 360 is ment to run hot, and the fan will just help to keep the air moveing better. microsoft recomends it

  4. Micosoft told me NOT to use the intercoolers. If your system gets to hot it can actually melt the damn thing onto your box and you don’t want that. Is the MLG ever gonna do anything with the PS3 or is it just an XBOX only deal?

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