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2 more Questions on PS3, PSN, User Accounts.?


Question 1: I know currently there are no games that support two player online. If they do come out do you think we will be able to have two users logged in and play on two accounts together online?

For example; I know most of us have at least tried Halo 2 or 3. (probably 2 more likely) In Halo you can login on one controller as say DarkJ3Jb then the other as Handicaped1579 and play Halo ranked matches and both people can level up. If only one person has an Xbox live account then you can also play with a guest, but you can’t play ranked matches.

My question is asking. Will it be like we are playing with a quest or could we have two separate people logged in?

Question 2: Can you transfer a PSN account from one PS3 to the other?

For example; I go to a friends and want to use my account when I play COD4 on his PS3 and then I want to transfer it back to my PS3 later on to play my games like normal.

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  1. 1. There are games that allow 2 people to play on the same PS3. Warhawk allows up to 4 people on one machine (unranked), and Army of Two allows 2 (although it isn’t very good). I believe Haze also has split-screen though I don’t own the game so I’m not 100% on that.

    As for allowing two people to sign in I’m not sure that will ever happen. I assume a lot of that is left up to the developer, but I doubt Sony would bother making it a possibility due to the fact that it would hardly ever be used. Split screen gives you a disadvantage anyway. You can try suggesting it to them. There may be enough people that want it which would probably make Sony consider it. I don’t know.

    2. Yes you can transfer PSN accounts. Just sign into the other persons PS3. Go all the way to the left, select “Create new User” and then sign into your PSN account. You can also share arcade games like Flow and PixelJunk Monsters once your friend has your account info. Just re-download them.

    All the online stats will be the same on his PS3 since they are stored online, but any saved data would only be on your PS3. For example your COD4 rank would be intact, but your COD4 game save for single player would obviously not be there. If you want the single player game save just bring it with you on a USB Flash drive.

    If your rank increased at your friends, you would see that when you went back to your own PS3. I’m not sure about your saved perks though. They may or may not be there. If they aren’t you can just make them again pretty quick.

  2. Warhawk has split screen online, but it has to be the same screen name. Yes you can transfer PSN acounts just put in your S/N and password.

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