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ok, so i really want a 360 because all of my freinds have one and they are pretty cool. My mom doesnt really care if i have one but my dad doesnt want me to have one because he is afraid i will get obsessed and i thinks there is no pooint because we have a wii (which i hate) and i need ideas to convince him. the main reason i want it because im in 8th grade and im taking high school math and its really stressfull and hard and i want something to chill out with like a xbox. ideas? and i need GOOD points to make out to him because he is reaalllyy hard to convince with things like this and he hates being wrong.

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  1. Show him you deserve the xbox. Tell him that it won’t affect ur grades. I hope it won’t. If that won’t work then tell him that u really want it so that u wont be bored and stuff like that!

  2. If you pay for it. You should be able to get it right? Just save for it and he can’t really say anything.

  3. Well if i was you should pay some of it and trade the wii in for the xbox 360 and if you could make up some money by walking your neighbors Dog or anything water the plants or do some chores and stuff thats what i did. good luck gettin the 360

  4. Sorry but your dads right. People with xboxs are no lifers. Go outside and run around the block to let out your stress.

  5. Xbox isnt for no lives, its mostly for people who want to hang out,and many people say wii is physical exercise,But people just say that to not go outside, but doesnt relly matter if ur in school becuz im pretty sure most schools 99.99% have P.E. So just tell your dad that you just wanna hang out with friends,

  6. If you can pay for it tell them that you would pay for it. Tell them that it is a good form of communication. I play a lot on PS3 you get to talk to people from all over the world and learn about different cultures and places from simply playing a game with them. Or you could always go one way and get some educational games so its just not for blowing the head off of people in shooter video games. get creative. We have a WII PS2 PS3 and Xbox 360 soon to have and other PS3. Try the Money thing first though usually parents will let you do anything if you buy it yourself. Like some of the others said shoe him you can have the xbox and still be good in school. Use examples of your friends. I can keep my 3.55 gpa average and still play video games and sports all school year long. You need to tell him other people can keep everything balanced and you can as well. Or maybe drop big hints to your parents like talk about video games at the dinner table. say your friends were talking about it, and that it sounds cool.

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