Home Xbox Forum XBOX 360 HDMI output? Can someone answer my question?

XBOX 360 HDMI output? Can someone answer my question?


Is the hdmi only used when playing movies or does it improve video game resolution also?

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  1. If your T.V. DOES have an HDMI port, then yes it does make your games and movies look 6x better than what you would use for standard A/V Cables. Of course, you won’t notice TOO much of a difference between Component and HDMI when your playing at 1080p, or any other resolution. If your T.V. DOESN’T have an HDMI port, but at LEAST has an RGB port, then, fortunetly, you can use Microsoft’s Xbox 360 VGA cable for a GREAT gaming experience. If you don’t have ANY of these, then your still going to playing one HECK of a library of lifelike games. My point is, Hi-Def, or not, you will be playing games unlike any other.

  2. Yes it is used for movies and videogame video output.

    Note if you are already using component cables, you most likely won’t notice it THAT much.

  3. If you are using an HDMI cable to watch play your game it will work the same as if you were watching a movie on the xbox.so yes it does. What many people do not understand (and i am not saying that you do not) is that the device that in question (the xbox in this case) is what determines the quality of the signal. The XBOX elite does function at 1080p so you are good there. Then comes the display device. If the display device does not function at 1080p resolution there is no point in the cable in relation to video but still makes plenty of sense sound wise because of its 5.1 capability.

    The standard signal for your television is 480i so if your televsion or display device goes above that.your ok. If you use your component out you go up to 720i.there is another boost. If you do not have a HDMI cable your next best bet would be to use the VGA out on the XBOX. It brings you up to full bandwidth.

    Sorry if i got too technical.good luck in your choice.

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